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Hello, World !

JONG B. JING is a design portfolio done by Jong Bih Jing. Documenting design projects done, experiences gained  and appreciations in daily life. Enthusiastic about discovering the world. Indulge in the happenings. There is so much more to know about. Discover the possibilities of creating miracles. Click titles below for recent posts. 

Halo Ring

So-called Corona ( Chinese:日暈)is an optical phenomenon produced by the diffraction of light from the Sun by individual small water droplets and sometimes tiny ice crystals of a cloud.   After 2 days of continuous rain in Kuching, Malaysia, appeared in the next morning. Thanked to the rain, chilled the atmosphere. Such a special day … Continue reading Halo Ring

NCT : Johnny & Taeil

Portrait practice. Stan of NCT’s Johnny and Taeil.NCT (Neo Culture Technology) is a South Korean boy band formed by S.M. Entertainment. Facial significances are difficult to capture. Practice to improve. Materials used : Pencil, pen, black ink brush.

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About Me


Hello, World ! I’m Jong Bih Jing, Peggy, from Kuching City, Malaysia.

Industrial design student studies in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Passionate industrial design student who loves to seek for knowledge, solves problems and create wonderful designs. Believes in practicing design thinking that could help to improve design and user experience.

Jong Bih Jing / Peggy         Industrial Design Student  

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